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2013 AKB48 Member Graduations

Update of my post from last year ;-;


被災地支援活動 岩手県・田野畑村の画像 | AKB48 Official Blog 〜1830mから~ power…
高橋みなみ 松原夏海 北原里英 仲川遥香 小森美果 中田ちさと


被災地支援活動 岩手県・田野畑村の画像 | AKB48 Official Blog 〜1830mから~ power…

高橋みなみ 松原夏海 北原里英 仲川遥香 小森美果 中田ちさと

(Source: 48fashionstyle)


被災地支援ライブAKB48in田野畑村の画像 | こころ通信ブログ
高橋みなみ 松原夏海 北原里英


AKB48 - Team A outfit 

(Source: 48fashionstyle)

(Source: 48fashionstyle)


AKB48 Theater 2012.July Team A

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Autumn Festival in Tokyo 2010 Photoset - Oshima Yuko; Umeda Ayaka; Kuramochi Asuka; Noro Kayo; Watanabe Mayu; Takahashi Minami; Matsubara Natsumi; Sato Natsuki.


My precious Team…


The severity of the AKB general election not displayed on TV

Original Japanese Article Here

“Matsubara Natsumi sits in her chair without her Team A companions.  In the AKB 27th Single General Election, Team A had “complete domination”.

Team A has often been called the “face of AKB” and the “AKB Star Crops” and has originated popular members such as Takahashi Minami, Shinoda Mariko, and led by the now graduated Maeda Atsuko.

For everyone ranked in the preliminary results from 64th to 16th, their rank had been held on election day.

But on the election day, Natsumi’s name was not in the list of 64. Natsumi, who was often seen applauding, was sometimes seen just staring straight at the glittering stage which was full of her team members.

When everything was finished, Natsumi’s face wore a tearful look. It was at this moment you realize the severity of the General Elections and know that it is not all a colorful spectacle.

But even after apologizing to her team and fans, Natsumi was able to spell out a positive feeling!”

Way to go Natsumi!! Always full of hope and optimism! The sole fact that you said you will “work even harder” after the election makes me admire you so much more!