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Everyday AKB48~

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You want to live with everyone, don’t you?!
You want to turn seventeen, don’t you?!
You don’t want to disappear all alone, do you?!”

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Tsumugi and Mio from K-on! (◡‿◡✿)
Requested by allykatkay. (◠△◠✿)

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"It doesn’t even feel real. I came in search of my lover. I never thought I’d find my daughter instead. Damn it, I’ve got so many things left to say. I don’t wanna die…

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NO NAME 2nd Single


Takahashi Minami x Itano Tomomi chara..


*continued last night (b’çuz I have limit upload)*

Miyazawa Sae x Akimoto Sayaka chara..


Maeda Atsuko x Oshima Yuko chara..


Successors (past and present and a random Megu) in their casual outfits. Galaxy Cinderella cards.


The understudies in their casual clothes. There’s a bunch of variations with them smiling more so if you want them uploaded too, just ask.

Galaxy Cinderella will probably update Mimori’s card and introduce some new outfit cards in the next month or so.