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Everyday AKB48~

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お誕生日おめでとう ♥ みなみ!!

our dear general manager, I’ve been following you for almost 4 years already. watching you, adoring you and rooting for you. you went through so much happiness and pain last year, never giving up, yet remained to be a considerate senpai for the future of the group. from now on when choices come to you, no matter what your decision is, I believe people will understand. people like us, the fans, and your friends, comrades, will support you.

Happy Birthday!!  have a wonderful blast let’s grow old together

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akb+personal graduation songs (period 2012-2013)

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My Days with Biotrue special movie (Akimoto Sayaka ver.)

So cuteeeeee (っ´ω`c)♡


2013 AKB48 Member Graduations

Update of my post from last year ;-;

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真夏のドームツアー Sayaka Akimoto 2013.08.22 Tokyo

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from Sayaka’s graduation concert at Tokyo Dome
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Sayaka x Yuko; When the mission to climb Mt. Fuji was given

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Oshima The Fangirl \(-∀-`)/

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SayaMina’s beautiful kisses in AKB48 Kagekidan 「∞・Infinity」

These two together make a dazzling pair.

Sayaka stayed in character throughout the entire show, especially when she gallantly planted a kiss on Takamina’s hand or playfully stole a final kiss from Takamina when the curtains rose again. She was/is so dashing and probably the only one who could make Taka become so girly.=P~

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